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Group Training Renegades small group personal training and boot camps are a great alternative to 1-on-1 training at a fraction of the price. Our class offerings are everything you would ever need in a fitness program.
These programs vary in intensities from day to day, class by class, utilizing kettlebells, sand bags, training ropes, TRX suspension training, tractor tires, medicine balls and a wide variety of equipment not found in most gyms. Our classes are definitely unordinary.
Are you up for the challenge?
Whether it be for fat loss, general conditioning, or sports performance enhancement, the added motivation of having others working out with you pushes you like never before. Train with friends, family, or co-workers! Start your own group or join an established group.


group trainingBootcamp:
Our boot camps are results driven, designed to give you a total body strength training and cardiovascular workout in 60 minutes that burns calories and melts fat! We integrate the most effective and unique training methods such as kettlebells, Olympic weight training and interval methods to help reshape your body, faster than anything you've tried before! Starting at $15 per class.

50:50 Blast N' Mend:
A mixture of cardiovascular training and active recovery. Half of class is spent performing high-intensity activities, so your blood is sure to get pumping. The other half of class is spent performing muscle recovery activities such as, foam rolling, joint mobility and core strengthening exercises, etc.
Your body will be pushed to the edge and restored. This class is the perfect way to get an awesome workout in on your day off from resistance training. Starting at only $12 per class.

Sports Performance Enhancement:
We also offer special Group Training designed specifically for athletes called SPE, or Sports Performance Enhancement. Please visit our SPE page for more information.

Tactical Strength Class:
Not an athlete? Were you once an athlete or are you an aging athlete? It doesn't matter....we are going to turn you into a performance machine. Tactical strength is a mixture of maximal strength training, bodyweight strength and cardiovascular endurance....just the ways guys were meant to train. The rules are simple, the training is hard, but the opportunity to become the performance machine you were always meant to be makes it all worthwhile.

Coming soon!


To see the current schedule for all our Group Training classes, visit our Training Calendar. Please note that if you don't see a group time that works for you, we can add it to our class list!

If you're interested in signing up for a group or have friends that would like to start a group please contact us!

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