Renegade’s classes are design to get you in optimum shape – and no less.


Renegade Boot-Camps

The Renegade Boot-Camp System is designed to help you improve strength and endurance, burn fat and feel good. You will burn massive amounts of calories in our 60 minute classes utilizing strength training, Olympic weight training, functional movements, bodyweight training and metabolic conditioning. Throughout the week, our highly skilled coaches and trainers motivate and move you through various boot camp classes. Though workouts are fun and challenging, coaches help adjust to meet any individuals level of fitness.

Renegade-Strength  Monday & Friday

Our strength class focuses on full-body, compound movements designed to help you build muscle while increasing relative and maximal strength. These movements combined with our high intensity interval training, are an extremely important part of our system that helps you build muscle, improve conditioning and burn a massive amount of fat!

Renegade-Interval  Tuesday & Thursday

This class utilizes HITT (high intensity interval training) and other various interval methods to improve your metabolic conditioning and develop your endurance power house. Our interval workouts include running, jumping and rowing movements and are combined with core and functional movements. These methods are tried, trusted and proven to burn more fat than anything else.

This class is definitely great for all fitness levels, and can be modified accordingly.

Renegade-Barbell Foundations  Thursday

Our Barbell Foundations class is our cornerstone lifting class that is focused on systematically coaching you Olympic lifting and Power lifting movements. This specific boot camp class will progress you through the technical side of Oly and Power lifts in 6-week blocks. This class is designed for both the novice & the expert, and will enhance your performance in our other various boot camp classes.

Renegade-50/50  Wednesday & Saturday

Renegade-50/50 is a mixture of fifty percent body weight training, weights, kettlebells, medicine ball work, bands, TRX and anything else we throw at you, followed by 30 minutes of aerobic conditioning of your coaches choosing. This class is great for any fitness level.

Renegade-T.L.C. (Top – Lower – Core)  Sunday

You work hard, both at Renegade and outside of the gym. You’re focused on checking things off your list. It’s Sunday evening. Time to EXHALE. Wrap up your weekend and get your mind & body ready for the week by giving yourself and hour of TLC.

T: Take the time to decrease tightness

L: Learn to read your body’s signals

C: Increase core strength and stability

Athletic Performance: Lace Up…Gear-Up – Renegade Youth and Teen Athletic Training

Renegade Personal Training and Fitness’s cutting edge sports performance training program has been delivering results to area youth, teenage and college athletes since 2007.

Our methods establish a strong athletic foundation while encompassing the athlete’s passion for team and individual sports. Our program focuses on 5 primary modalities:

  • INJURY REDUCTION – Correction of Muscular Imbalances, Improve Balance and Coordination
  • MOVEMENT TRAINING – Improve Bodily Function, Awareness and Mechanics through various forms of Mobility Exercises and Myofascial Release
  • SPEED & AGILITY – Multi-Directional Acceleration & Deceleration, Multi-Directional Change in Direction, Footwork and Running Mechanics
  • POWER ENHANCEMENT – Plyometrics, Medicine Ball Work, Olympic Lifting
  • FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH TRAINING – Sport Specific Exercises geared towards Your Athlete’s Sport

For questions regarding any of our various memberships, athletic performance or class options please Contact us, or click here to view pricing. To register for a class see our complete and up-to-date class schedule.