1-on-1 Personal Training

Our certified trainers are qualified to meet the needs of any goal.

Because 1-on-1 coaching is very personal, we tailor each program to meet each individual client’s goals.

We all have different reasons for wanting to get fit. We want to feel better, look better, work better and live better. But there are many reasons we struggle to reach our goals.

At Renegade, through our CUSTOMER PROMISE we believe we can help you understand YOUR reasons, and build a plan to overcome them by:

  • Assessing your health and motivations
  • Designing a personalized Fitness and Wellness Program
  • Help you execute your plan
  • Help you to maintain a long-term healthy lifestyle


Each plan will include a set of measurable, realistic goals that will be the foundation of your program. Based on your goals, your trainer will lead you through a variety of exercise regimens that will get you moving in the right direction. We will help advise you on the right nutrition choices to ensure that you see maximum results from your workout investment.

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