Why is Renegade Different?

Relationships Matter

 We care about our clients and their goals.
You’re not just another number to us.
To us, you are our only client.
We listen to your needs and respond to them.

Our Vision

Renegade is the premier tailored fitness experience in the south metro for clients of all levels, trained by the area’s most elite personal trainers.

Our Mission

To establish a unique community for the health conscious that’s focused on improving lives by utilizing the best tools and a world-class, dedicated team of trainers.

Core Values

Perseverance – Consistently conquering our choices, actions & attitudes to do what is needed.

Dedication – Engage our pursuits with mindful, steadfast intentionality.

Discipline – Do what we Need to do, even when it is not easy.

Awareness – Understand our weaknesses and resolve to improve them.

Quality – Long-term fitness takes patience, precision and time.

Community – Success is attainable when we all pursue perfection together.

Integrity – The strength of our community comes from doing what is right.

Our Fitness Philosophy

It is our standard to apply our philosophy to each individual training session to maximize client results. Our four primary principles are:

Fitness Assessments – Renegade trainers help you establish a starting point for the five components of fitness; Nutrition, Cardiovascular Fitness, Muscular Strength/Endurance, Flexibility/Mobility and Body Composition. Establishing a baseline for each fitness component will help you set realistic, measurable and attainable goals from which future progress and success will be measured from.

Results-Based Programs – Renegade trainers will work with you to establish specific, realistic, and achievable goals, then customize a program according to your individual health, fitness, nutrition and educational goals. Programs cycle through a variety of exercise phases and modalities to overcome general adaptation syndrome and plateaus.

Physical Transformation – To meet the needs of the ever-changing body, we incorporate flexibility/mobility, cardiovascular training, corrective exercise techniques and strength/endurance training according to client goals.

Fitness Education – We strive to educate clients throughout every session. Proper technique, posture, and repetition is critical to achieving and sustaining their fitness progress so clients can continue their fitness journey wherever their busy lives might take them.