1.12.22. Renegade – 50:50

Warm up

:30s Go’s

a. slow speed banded row

a. scap pull ups

a. down dog push ups

b. medium speed banded row

b. active spiderman

b. air squat – calf raise

c. fast speed banded row

c. pvc pass through

c. inch worms


:90/90 pigeon pose

1:00/1:00 T-spine floor trace

Part I.

10 power snatch

10 lateral burpee over the bar

20 front rack squat

10 lateral burpee over the bar

10 power snatch

Part II.

10 RFT

  • 1:00 singles
  • 10 barbell curls
  • 5 pull ups
  • 2L OH Plate carry (45/35)

Part III.

SMR Anything tight/sore