1.3.23. Renegade – Interval

Exercise Sets Reps Rest
SMR & Mobility
SMR Hamis + Fire hydrants 1 60″Ea+8F/8B EA
SMR Adductors + SA big shldr. Circles 1 60″Ea+8F/8B EA
SMR back + “T” spine 1 60″+15
LAX foot smash+ Side/side head tilt 1 60″Ea+10ea
PVC Squat 2 10
Quadruped Monster band kick-back 2 10ea
Scaption, from toes 2 10
Calf raises 2 10
Ladder Drop-off
A1- Sled push (light weight and fast) D&B
A2- Roll-to-elbow (partial TGU) 2ea
A3- Squat jumps 3
A4- Jam Ball pick-up and drop over shoulder 4ea
A5- Sit-outs 5ea
A6- High plank jacks 6
A7- Band rear delt. Flies 7
A8- Lateral leaps 8ea
A9- SA DB/KB racked squat 9ea
A10- Wide-outs 10
A11- Alt. SA Band biceps curl 11ea
A12- SA DB snatch 12ea
(start at A12 and work up to A1, then start at A11 and work up to A1, etc.)
(a.k.a. 1 exercise is eliminated every set)
B1- High plank w/ lat. Hand tap 3 10ea
B2- Lateral band chop 3 10ea
B3- High plank w/ alt. knee tuck 3 10ea 60″