1.7.19. Renegade – Strength

**Coaches Note – Stick to the given times. This workout has no time for extra add-in on anything. If time allows at the end of the workout, then do your add-ins. We’ve never done this type of conditioning at the end so members should get through 3+ rounds to benefit from this. 


(8 min)

:30/30 P1 has 2 -1/2 inch monster bands round low waist/high waist and is in plank position. P2 stands to side of P1 holding onto bands and does medium speed alternating rows (:30 from each side)
:30 partner arm pulls (grasping forearms – partners pull/resist and the negative)
:30 partner arm pushes (grasping forearms – partners push/resist on the negative)


(3 min MAX)

Mobility Bar:
:40 pass through
:40 good morning
:40 lateral flexion


(32 min)

A. Series – 4 Rounds

  • 12/10/8/6 bench press (85/135)
  • 8/8 RFE split squats – DB
  • 15/15 seated wall med ball lateral throw
  • rest 1:00

B. Series – 3 Rounds

  • 4/4 DB snatch
  • 15 banded push-ups
  • 20+ banded tri-ext.
  • rest 1:00


1:00 Partner Rounds w. Time Left

1:00 partner kneeling tire chest pass
1:00 partner med ball floor pick up to over the bar – back/forth (bar set at chin level)
1:00 partner med ball broad jump (x2) – then – forward toss as far as possible on 2nd broad jump – then sprint down/back. Then P2 goes
1:00 partner reverse med ball toss
1:00 banded high knees + burpee (10:1) – banded is fixed to rig