10.20.17 Renegade – Strength

Warm Up:

Ladder Drill (x4)                          Line Drill (20s)                  Activation (20s)

Quick Steps                             lat. hops                              side shuffle

High Knees                             Front to back                      Air Squat to calf raise

Ickey Shuffle                           Wide outs                           Down Dog Push Ups

Lateral In/out                         Zig Zag (r)                          Supermans

2 Feet hops                              Zig Zag (l)                           Jackknives

Mobility: 90s ea Pigeon Stretch

Strength #1 x 4 Rounds

A1. 10/10 Alternating DB/Ball Chest Press

A2. SA(R) KB Lunge & Press – Down Turf

A3. 2 Lengths Sled Push

A4. SA(L) KB Lunges & Press – Down Turf


Strength #2 x 4 Rounds

B1. 3 Power Snatch

B2. Seated KB Rope Pull x2 + SA KB Farmer Carry (R/L)

B3. 10 Sit Up to Inverted Barbell Hanging Row

B4. 10-15 Bench Hyper Extensions

Friday Finisher: “Fight Gone Bad”

60 sec each station

  • Wall Ball
  • Building Length Sprint/Run
  • Banded OH Press
  • Sit Ups
  • Banded Bicep Curls
  • Bench Dips