10.26.17 Renegade – Interval

Exercise Sets Reps Rest
Mobility & Activation
Knee drivers 2 10ea
Monk walk 2 2ea
Egyptians 2 10ea
SA Iso. scap retraction 2 5×5″ea
Quadruped thoracic rotation 2 10ea
Quadruped 90 degree hip abduction 2 10ea
1000M Row- for time
A1- Battle rope- Slams 4 20
A2- High knees 4 15ea
A3- SB decline lying hip bridge 4 15
A4- SA KB swing to row 4 10ea
A5- Band tall kneeling lat. Pulldown 4 15 1′
B1- Battle rope- Jumping jacks 4 10
B2- Hop-ups 4 15
B3- Full KB raise 4 10
B4- TRX SL squat 4 10ea
B5- Band chest flies 4 15 1′
C1- Spiderman plank 3 10ea
C2- Penguins 3 15ea
C3- Plank w/ finger tap 3 10ea 1′

Coaches Notes:

Monk walk- 1)start in high plank with one foot between your hands(runner’s lunge)

2) stand up, while still keeping your legs apart, lunge to other leg (without moving feet)

3) then return to runner’s lunge on the leg you started with
4) move foot that is between hands back to where your other foot is (you should be in a ‘high plank’
5) do 1 push-up
6) bring your other foot forward and repeat this sequence. Perform 2 reps with each leg, alternating the “lead” leg.
Single arm (SA) iso. scap retraction
1) “Pack” one of your shoulders (pull shoulder down and back, and squeeze that same lat.)
2) Perform 5 reps, each lasting 5 seconds– hold and squeeze lat for 5 seconds, then release for a brief moment before your second rep, etc. (you can use your free hand to poke the working lat to make sure it is working. If the lat isn’t activated, keep poking to build the mind muscle connection)
3) Repeat on other side. This equals 1 set.