10.4.18. Renegade – Interval

Exercise Sets Reps Rest
Alt. Seated hip rotation to half kneel 2 5ea
Egyptians 2 20
Side/side head turn 2 5ea
Cat/cow 2 10
Monster band forward walk 3 1L
Monster band Forward bound 3 1L
Monster band shuffle (L/R) 3 1L each
Monster band backward walk 3 1L
**P1 goes through all the exercises then P2 goes**
AMRAP (20 minutes)
A1- Alt. lateral lunge 10ea
A2- Lat. Line hops 20ea
A3- Seated SA lat. Pulldown 15ea
A4- Alt. Lunge jumps 10ea
A5- SA waiter walk 1L each
A6- Plate push 4W as needed
B1- SA KB clean 3to4 5ea
B2- MB slams 3to4 10
B3- KB swings 3to4 15
REST 20″ 20″
B4- High plank jack 3to4 15
B5- DB press-out 3to4 10
B6- SL sit-to-stand 3to4 5ea 60″