11.15.17. Renegade – 50/50

Coaches Note: Only use finisher if time remains or as extra credit.

Mobilty – one L of turf (5 min)

Open the gate

Cradle walk

Standing: 20 sec. each

leg swings- lateral & front to back; ankle circles

Activation 20:10 x2 (6 minutes)

Cossack squat

MB jump slam

Partner high 5 plank


Partner MB side toss

Workout 1:  2 groups: Row & Run (36 min)

Group A

Rows alternate w/ kb farmer’s walk(R) above head down & (L) above head coming back + Sit Ups until row is complete

100m; 200m; 300m; 200m; 100m

Group B

Runners alternate with lateral walking push-ups – 1 L of turf + alternating lunges until Run is complete

Run incline 3/ speed: sprint

1 min.; 2 min.; 3 min.; 2 min.; 1 min.

***Groups switch

Workout 2: EMOM 2 Rounds (10 min)

M1-8 MB figure 8’s + reverse plank hold to :40

M2-10 burpees w/ push up


M4-10 MB squat to press + toe taps on MB to :40

M5-15 sit outs

Finishers (2 sets) (10 min)

10 ea. Cat/Cow                                      10 Down dog push ups

5 ea. All 4’s Thoracic twist              10 ea. Side planks w/ arm crunch