12.21.23. Renegade – Interval

Exercise Sets Reps Rest
SMR & Mobility
SMR Glutes + Side/side head tilt 1 60″ea+10ea
SMR Quads + Fire hydrants 1 60″+10ea/10ea
SMR calves + L stretch 1 45″ea+10ea
SMR lats + Foam roller T spine 1 30″ea+15
Squat jumps 2 10
Monster band chest press 2 10
Monster band shoulder press 2 10
Monster band back squat 2 10
Ladder: Drop-offs
A1- Sled push/back pedal 1L+1L
A2- Box jumps 2
A3- Sit-outs 3ea
A4- DB squat to shoulder press 4
A5- Hop-ups 5
A6- TRX push-ups 6
A7- KB racked alt. Forward lunge 7ea
A8- SA KB swing to row 8ea
A9- Triceps dips 9
A10- Banded kneeling hip thrusts 10
A11- Donkey Kicks 11ea
A12- SA KB high pull 12ea
Katie: everyone starts on A12, then moves to A11, then A10, and so forth.
Once they complete one set of everything, A12 drops off and they start with A11
on set two. Repeat this sequence until they finish the whole ladder.
Ab snails 3 1L
Knee grabs 3 15
High plank w/ alt. knee tuck 3 10ea 60″