12.31.20. Renegade – Interval

Exercise Sets Reps Rest
LAX ball arch smash 1 60″ea
LAX ball glute smash 1 60″ea
Egyptians 1 10ea
1/2 kneeling thoracic rotation 1 10ea
Jog + calf raises 2 2L+20
Jog  + alt. reverse lunge 2 2L+10ea
Jog + Band external shoulder rotation 2 2L+15ea
Jog + Mtn. climbers 2 2L+15ea
Ladder: Drop-offs
A1- Singles 12 100M
A2- Roll-to-elbow 11 2ea
A3- Split squat 10 3ea
A4- Donkey kicks 9 4ea
A5- SA TRX row 8 5ea
A6- Power step-up 7 6ea
A7- KB goblet clean 6 7
A8- MB lateral throw 5 8ea
A9- Triceps dips 4 9
A10- Squat jumps 3 10
A11- KB dead walk 2 11ea
A12- Froggies 1 12
Katie: everyone starts on A12, then moves to A11, then A10, and so forth.
Once they complete one set of everything, A12 “drops off” and they start with A11
on set two. Repeat this sequence until they finish the whole ladder.
SB roll out 3to4 15
1/2 kneeling KB windmill 3to4 10ea 30″