3.10.20. Renegade – Interval

Exercise Sets Reps Rest
Side/side head tilt 1 10ea
Bottom squat w/ thoracic rotation 1 10ea
Cat/cow 1 20
Shin box 1 10ea
Traveling lunge 3 1L
3-way band pull 3 10ea
Clam shells 3 10ea
Scap pull-ups 3 10
Grapevine 3 2L
Ladder Drop-offs
A1- Sprint/ back pedal/ sprint 1L/1L/1L
A2- Pull-ups 2
A3- Burpees 3
A4- Alt. SA MB push-ups 4ea
A5- Squat jumps 5
A6- Alt. SA KB swing 6ea
A7- DB scap raise 7
A8- Power step-ups 8ea
A9- Mini Band Lying SL hip bridge 9ea
A10- SL F/B line hops 10ea/10ea
A11- Goblet good morning w/ OH press 11
A12-Dbl. knee tuck jumps 12 as needed
Katie: everyone starts on A12, then moves to A11, then A10, and so forth.
Once they complete one set of everything, A12 drops off and they start with A11
on set two. Repeat this sequence until they finish the whole ladder.
KB Russian twist 3 15ea
Side-lying hip extension 3 15ea
Plank w/ lat. Toe tap 3 15ea 60″