3.14.22. Renegade – Strength


2 Rounds of:

  • junkyard dogs (10 + 10)
  • 10 ea partner ab toss
  • 20 supermans

*Coaches note: junkyard dogs – partner 1 sits in seated L position with arms raised at side while partner 2 starts standing behind partner 1 and jumps forward over p1 arm, then turns and jumps over legs, then turns and jumps over other arm. P1 turns and repeats starting from opposite side. 3 jumps =’s 1 round. Then partners switch. 2nd part to this warm up is P1 starts lying face down. P2 jumps over P1 in prone position. Then P1 moves to a push up position with arms straight and P2 crawls underneath P1. That equals 1 Round.


20:10 x 4

  • high knees in place + roll back to v – reach


a1. 3×10 db chest press

a2. 3×10/10 SA ring or trx rows

a3. 3×10/10 kb unilateral rev. lunges

*rest 30 sec

b1. 3×12/12 kb snatch

b2. 20 bench dips

b3. 20 empty bar curls

b4. 15 barbell back squats

*rest minimally


P1(Pacer): 2 min rower or TM

P2: 1 rope climb or 3 mod. rope climbs + 7 wall ball + 3 down backs + 7 knees to elbows

*rower is always occupied