4.12.18. Renegade – Interval

Exercise Sets Reps
Traveling Knee to chest (pull 1 knee into chest at a time) 2 1 lap
“L” stretch 2 10ea
Lying hip bridge 2 15
Traveling quad stretch 2 1 lap
Bottom squat w/ thoracic rotation (1 hand on floor) 2 10ea
Cossack squat 2 10ea
Traveling hami stretch 2 1 lap
Ankle circles 2 10ea/10ea
Band row 2 15
A1- Sled push killer 4 1
A2- Toe touches 4 15ea
A3- SA KB swing to row 4 10ea
A4- Band biceps curls 4 20
A5- TRX Mtn. climbers (feet in handles) 4 15ea
Pacer (until end of class)
B1- Rower (the pacer) 200 M
B2- Jam ball pick-up and drop behind shoulder
B3- Sled push
B4- Tall kneeling Band lat. Pulldown
B5- Lateral leaps
**Rest 1 minute after each set**