5.1.18. Renegade – Interval

*COACHES NOTE: Tomorrow marks the start of our summer/fall challenges. The handouts are under the white board. Make sure everyone grabs a hand out and prints there name. For those that don’t come early to perform the pull-up challenge, have them complete the first set of X unbroken repetitions. Have them place an X in the correct box corresponding with how many unbroken repetitions they completed. When they have completed, have them return the packet to the box.

Exercise Sets Reps Rest
Traveling Knee to chest (pull 1 knee into chest at a time) 1 1 length
Traveling quad stretch 1 1 length
Traveling hami stretch 1 1 length
Ankle walk 1 1 length
Open the gate 1 1 length
Traveling squat 1 1 length
Traveling forward lunge 1 1 length
Traveling reverse lunge 1 1 length
Traveling lateral lunge 1 1 length
Traveling SL RDL 1 1 length
Jog around building 1 1 lap
Plank w/ opp. Hip tap 3 10ea
Lying leg raise 3 10
Plank w/ lat. Toe tap 3 10ea 1′
Timed Circuits
A1- Band SL hip extension 7 minutes 10ea
A2- SA DB snatch AMRAP 10ea
A3- Hop-ups 10 minimal
B1- Alt. KB swing 7 minutes 10ea
B2- Band shoulder press AMRAP 10
B3- Mtn. climbers 15ea minimal
C1- TRX SL squat 7 minutes 10ea
C2- TRX triceps extension AMRAP 10
C3- Wide-outs 15 minimal
D1- SA band chest press 7 minutes 10ea
D2- Jam ball slam AMRAP 10
D3- Donkey kicks 5ea minimal