5.16.23. Renegade – Interval

Exercise Sets Reps Rest
LAX pec. Smash 1 45″EA
LAX ball foot smash 1 60″EA
LAX ball glute smash 1 90″EA
Quadruped thoracic rotation 1 10ea
Mod. Froggies 1 10ea
Jog + PVC squat 2 2L+10
Jog + Calf raises 2 2L+20
Jog + Monster band chest press 2 2L+15
Jog + Monster band shoulder press 2 2L+15
Ladder: Drop-offs
A1- Singles 50
A2- Dbl. knee tuck jump 2
A3- SA DB curl to shoulder press 3ea
A4- Plate push 4W
A5- Roll-to-elbow 5ea
A6- Shuffle 6W
A7- Alt. SA MB push-up 7ea
A8- Lateral leaps 8ea
A9- BW squats 9
A10- Froggies 10
A11- Standing SA band lat. Pulldown 11ea
A12- 1KB RDL to goblet clean to OH press 12
(start at A12 and work up to A1, then start at A11 and work up to A1, etc.)
B1- Side plank 3 30″EA
B2- Plank 3 30″ 60″