5.23.19. Renegade – Interval

Exercise Sets Reps Rest
Pull-up Challenge
Bottom squat hold 2 60″
Traveling lunge 2 2L
Traveling open the gate 2 1L
Low bear crawl 2 1L
Standing snow angels 2 15
A1- Tire sledgehammer 7 mins 10ea
A2- Mini step hops AMRAP 15
A3- Mini band SL hip extension 10ea
B1- SA KB swing to row 7 mins 8ea
B2- Bosu up-up-down-down AMRAP 20
B3- DB hammer curls 10
C1- Elevated split squat 7 mins 10ea
C2- Push-ups AMRAP 10
C3- Lat. Line hops 25ea
D1- Rower sprint 7 mins 100M
D2- Cable triceps push-down AMRAP 15
D3- Mtn. climbers 15ea
Lateral cable chop 4 10ea
Advanced bird dog 4 5ea 45″