6.29.18. Renegade – Strength

*Coaches note: We are cutting back on the volume of lifting today and focusing on longer sprints. Explain sprinting vs jogging/running (stride length is longer, more arm action, etc.) If anyone needs/wants a modification pull a rower outside and have them row for the duration it takes someone to “RUN”….rowing meters is usually quicker than running so we’ll want an accurate time match.


(14 min)

29 Burpees


:30/30 fire hydrants (only 1 direction ea side)
:30 roll back -to- v – reach
:30 wide-outs
:60/60 pigeon pose
:60 down-dog-cobra


2 Rounds Of:

  • :30/30 SL bridges
  • :45 alt. SL RDL
  • :30 plank push ups
  • :30 bar hanging kip


8/8/6/6 barbell sumo deadlifts (95/135)
:90 rest


Teams of 2
3 Rounds
200M Run
400M Run
600M Run
* Partner A will run 200M & high five partner B @ the half way point, who will then run 200M. Partners will repeat this for each run, high fiving & starting @ half way points. Repeat this for 3 total rounds.