7.12.22. Renegade – Interval

Exercise Sets Reps Rest
Ladder drills
Quick feet 2ea
Lateral quick feel 2ea
Lateral 2-leg hops 2ea
Muhammad Ali’s 2ea
Bottom squat with thoracic rotation 10ea
“L” stretch 10ea
2-leg zig-zag hops 4
2-leg Lat. Zig-zag hops 2ea
Single leg zig-zag hops 2ea
Icky shuffle 4
Ankle circles 10eaCW/10eaCCW
Quadruped 90 degree hip Abduction 10ea
M1- DB hang clean 5 12
M2- Donkey kicks + triceps dips 5 20+15
M3- Tire sledgehammer 5 10ea
M4- Mtn. climbers + BW squats 5 15ea+20
M5- Battle rope waves + BR sled row+ Sled push 5 10+1L+1L 1′
A1- Run 100M
A2- KB windmill 1ea/2ea/3ea…
A3- Jump rope 10/20/30/40…
A4- High plank w/ sliding arm reach 2ea/4ea/6ea/…
A5- MB lateral throw 1ea/2ea/3ea…
A6- AB snails 1/2/3/4…
*With remaining time, get as far up the ladder as you can.*