8.1.19. Renegade – Interval

Exercise Sets Reps Rest
Warm up
jog + inch worm 2 2L+1L
jog + backward bear crawl 2 2L+1L
jog + Tiger crawl 2 2L+1L
jog + backward froggies 2 2L+1L
Knee drivers 1 10ea
Sit to stand 1 15
Bent over thoracic rotation 1 10ea
Wall slides 1 15
LAX glute smash 1 90″ea
Ladder: Drop-offs
A1- Singles 50
A2- Sit-outs 2ea
A3- Jam ball jump slams 3
A4- Jam ball pick-up and drop over shoulder 4ea
A5- Lunge jumps 5ea
A6- BB inverted row 6
A7- SL lateral line hops 7ea/7ea
A8- MB OH throw 8
A9- Lateral band walk 9ea
A10- Froggies 10
A11- High knees 11ea
A12- KB goblet clean to Goblet squat to OH press 12
(start at A12 and work up to A1, then start at A11 and work up to A1, etc.)
(a.k.a. 1 exercise is eliminated every set)
B1- Iso. Advanced bird dog (LA/RL) 3 20″ 10″
B2- Hollow body hold 3 20″ 10″
B3- Iso. Advanced bird dog (RA/LL) 3 20″ 10″
B4- Lying flutter kicks 3 20″ 30″