8.13.20. Renegade – Interval

Exercise Sets Reps Rest
Animal walks
Crab walk forward 1 1L
Crab walk backward 1 1L
Bear crawl 1 1L
Forward froggies 1 1L
Backward froggies 1 1L
Scaption from knees 2 10
Shin box 2 5ea
Cat/cow 2 10
Ladder: Drop-offs
A1- Full turkish get-up 1ea
A2- SA KB high pull 2ea
A3- MB UH toss 3
A4- Same side lunge jumps 4ea
A5- Broad jumps 5
A6- TRX triceps extension 6
A7- SL box squat 7ea
A8- KB swing 8
A9- Seated L DB shoulder press 9
A10- Squat jumps 10
A11- SL MB slam 11ea
A12- Sit-outs 12ea
Katie: everyone starts on A12, then moves to A11, then A10, and so forth.
Once they complete one set of everything, A12 “drops off” and they start with A11
on set two. Repeat this sequence until they finish the whole ladder.
Lateral band chop 3 10ea
Plank w/ opp. Hip tap 3 10ea
SB roll-out 3 15 60″