9.24.19. Renegade – Interval

Exercise Sets Reps Rest
Dynamic & Mobility
Forward lunge/Reverse lunge + 1/2 kneeling thoracic rotation 1 1L/1L+10ea
A-skip + Egyptians 1 2L+10ea
Grapevine + Mod. Froggies 1 2L+8ea
Butt kickers + Side/ side head turn 1 2L+10ea
LAX ball arch smash 1 60″ea
A1- TRX mtn. climbers 7 min 15ea
A2- Broad jump AMRAP 1L
A3- Landmine squat to OH press 10
A4- Broad jump 1L
B1- TRX triceps extension 7 min 10
B2- Traveling lunge w/ diag. MB chop AMRAP 1L
B3- Squat jumps 10
B4- Traveling lunge w/ diag. MB chop 1L
C1- Singles 7 min 30
C2- Lateral bounds AMRAP 1L
C3- KB American swings 10
C4- Lateral bounds 1L
D1- Donkey kicks 7 min 5ea
D2- Glider traveling inch worm AMRAP 1L
D3- Bosu up-up-down-down 20
D4- Glider traveling inch worm 1L
*Note: 1L = 1/2 the gym today)
Plank w/ lat. Toe tap 3 15ea
Ab snails (on turf) 3 15
SA waiter walk (on rubber floor) 3 1L ea. 60″