9.26.19. Renegade – Interval

Exercise Sets Reps Rest
SMR Hamis 1 45″ea
SMR glutes 1 45″ea
SMR back 1 60″
SMR IT band 1 45″ea
Bent-over I’s, Y’s and T’s 2 5ea
PVC front rack stretch 2 30″ea
Band shoulder press 2 10
Band good morning 2 10
KB Complex
A1- SA KB upright row 4 5ea
A2- SA KB snatch 4 5ea
A3- KB good morning 4 5
A4- SA KB OH squat 4 5ea
A5- SA KB bent-over row 4 5ea 60″
*Max: this is primarily a single arm complex (members will perform 5 reps of A1 with one arm before
moving onto A2, using the same arm, and so on)
Once members complete all the exercises and reps for one arm, then perform all reps with the other arm.
The KB good morning is the exception. For this exercise, members will have to use both
 hands to hold the KB on their backs*
B1- Plate push 10W/9W/8W…
B2- SB DB pullover 10/9/8…
B3- Power step-ups 10ea/9ea/8ea…
B4- MB push-ups 10/9/2008…
B5- MB lateral throw 10ea/9ea/8ea… as needed
High pledge plank 3 15ea
Hollow body hold 3 30″
Mermaid sit-ups 3 10ea 60″