karrieGrowing up I had always been thin. However, exercise was never a part of my daily routine. Almost 10 years out of college and 2 kids later, I realized I needed to do something physical. I joined a local fitness center and for over 8 years worked out 3 to 4 days a week. In the beginning, I saw my body change and dropped 2 dress sizes. At that time I was taking classes and doing the occasional weight training program. Year after year I kept seeing the same people, none of them ever really changing. It occurred to me I was stuck too! It was then that I knew I needed to try a different approach.

I joined a women’s weight training group that Ryan was leading. At first I couldn’t do any of the core exercises, maybe one or two reps and my abs would give out. My balance was even worse; I cursed that stability ball each time Ryan brought it out for class. Don’t even get me started on the hanging abs. As the weeks went by, I got to know the other women and Ryan better and I actually enjoyed coming to class. My balance was changing and I felt stronger and more confident in my abilities.

Ryan kept asking us for our goals and giving us diet tips each week. After a year with Ryan I decided my diet needed to change in order to reap the benefits of all this weight training. I felt I was stuck again and needed to lose a few extra pounds. Ryan encouraged me to start journaling my daily food intake and keep track of calories. After 3 months of lean protein, fruits and vegetables I had lost 18lbs. I know that might not sound like a lot, but for my height of 5’6, getting down to 125 pounds, was a huge transformation. All the muscle Ryan had worked so hard to put on me could finally been seen. I never knew I had muscles under the fat! Ryan was really encouraging during those moments of despair. I wanted to give up more than once and dive back into my old eating habits. I made it through those tough times and have maintained my weight for more than 6 months.

This fall will be my 20th High School Reunion and I know I can be confident in my appearance! Thanks, Ryan!