4.16.18. Renegade – Strength


(16 min)


  • 1000 Meters for time split between 2 partners. 5 Rounds each on the rower, looking to land exactly on 100 meter intervals until the screen says 1000 meters. There will be a penalty for the partner who gets off the rower for every meter they are under or over the 100 meter interval. For example, if they land at 97 meters or 103 meters, penalty is 3 burpees. Partner getting on the rower must wait until partner completing the penalty is finished before they begin rowing. Time cap is 9 minutes.


  • 1L inchworms
  • 1L lunge-high knee grab
  • 2L side lunges


  • 60s/60s pigeon pose
  • 60s tactical frog stretch


(35 min)

a1. 5×6 barbell back squats

a2. 5×5 box depth jump – to – broad jump

a3. 5×10 supermans

*rest 60s

b1. 3×6 db squat clean + press

b2. 2L unilateral kb lunges

b3. 15 db curls

*rest 30s


AMRAP with time left

  • 5 push ups
  • 5 wall ball
  • 5 American KBS
  • 5 burpees (air squats for scaled)