6.4.19. Renegade – Interval

Exercise Sets Reps Rest
Burpee Challenge
Ladder Drills
Fwd. hops 1 4
Lateral hops 1 2ea
Fwd. quick feet 1 4
Icky shuffle 1 4
Jumping jacks 1 4
Muhammad Ali’s 1 2ea
Lateral in-in-out-out 1 2ea
Hop scotch 1 4
High oblique sit to tripod 1 10ea
Scaption, from toes 1 15
Side/side head tilt 1 10ea
Child’s pose 1 60″
LAX foot smash 1 60″ea
Every 3min. On 3min. (5 sets)
A1- SA DB squat to shoulder press 15ea
A2- Hop over the bar 5ea
B1- Battle rope wave+ sled row+ sled push 3to4 20+1L+1L
B2- Same side lunge jumps 3to4 10ea
B3- Plank walk-up 3to4 10
B4- Jam ball slams 3to4 15
B5- KB swings 3to4 15
B6- High plank w/ KB pull-through 3to4 10ea
B7- Run 3to4 1/2 building 60″