Fat Loss Tip #3

Fat Loss Tip #3: Food will help us burn fat!






In the digital age, it is extremely difficult to separate fact from fiction. Internet searches provide us with millions of myths and not a lot of fact. So how do we separate and filter the relevant from the irrelevant?

First off, know that diet and nutrition is highly individualized. What works for one individual probably won’t work for the next. This is exactly why fad diets such as Atkins and South Beach never worked for you.

If creating a healthy life style is foreign to you, look at it as stages. At Renegade, we’ve had tremendous success in creating balance with our clients using these methods:

1) Re-energize your diet – know your targets (fruit, protein, fats, carbs, etc.). Set up target goals for the day and try and hit your targets. We understand that it may be difficult to get everything in but if you give yourself a daily nutrition goal, we are more likely to succeed.

2) Re-wire your appetite – how do I eat the correct foods? Imagine your body has a fat loss fuel light (much like an empty fuel light on your car). Leave your light on for a while if you’re hungry. Don’t pull into the gas station immediately. This becomes more meaningful if we have the “fat loss” in mind. Then when you do fuel your body, hit your targets!

3) Re-balance – do certain foods influence your mood and emotions or does your mood and emotions influence what you are eating. If certain moods/emotions trigger your appetite try to avoid situations that trigger destructive behavior. On the flip side, avoid certain foods that influence negative moods and emotions.

To help you hit your targets utilize your pie-hole diary. Write down everything you eat, drink and inhale. Do this for 30 days and it will really help you visualize what your body is really ingesting.

Onto foods that will help us burn fat:

1) Protein – is an appetite suppressant, typically has lower calories, and requires more energy to digest, which increases your metabolism.
2) Fruits – are catabolic (burns more calories than they provide), natural sugars that help energize us and don’t make us feel sleepy.
3) Fiber – helps us eliminate waste through the other end and promote healthy digestive health. Promoting healthy digestion allows us to properly absorb nutrients and vitamins and equals greater fat loss!
4) Fats – “Eat Fat To Burn Fat”! Omega 3’s (found in fish oil) and nuts. These fat burning foods help us regulate heart beat and reduce blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

So next time you open up your pie-hole, keep these tips in mind!