Fat Loss Tip #4

So you may or may not have taken our advice from Fat Loss Tip #5: Interval Training (given that it was just yesterday). If you’ve tried it and are reading this newest posting, then you are indeed coming back for more!

imagesHere we are, Fat Loss Tip #4: Compound Movements!

What is a compound movement? Compound movements are full body exercises using more than one joint to perform the exercise. This requires a higher demand of output on your body, resulting in a higher calorie burn.

If you are new to compound exercises, it will definitely suck! But like everything else we do, our bodies will adapt and overcome the challenges of compound movements.

Compound movements includes: Squats, Lunges, Pull Ups, Burpees, Thrusters, Dead Lifts, Push Ups, Power Cleans, Hang Cleans, Jerks, Dips, Muscle ups, etc.

So throw away or donate all your sissy stationary/selectorized equipment and purchase yourself a bar, some Olympic weights and kettlebells and get your butt to work.

That’s correct, throw it all away and stop wasting your time. Selectorized equipment was not designed for you, but designed for a person that does not exist. Besides, you’ll burn less than half the calories and less than half the fat.

If your goal is fat loss, compound movements is where it’s at! Stay tuned until the next Fat Loss Tip.