Finally…..The Expansion Is Done!

Finally, all the talk we’ve been raving about has come to reality! After only 3 weeks, the renegade staff (Armando, Mike, Maurice, Chris and Ryan) have finished the studio expansion.

We’ve roughley added an additional 1500 sq. ft. to our floor space, with a total 2800 sq. ft. of torture space!

We are constantly adding new and improved equipment to better serve your needs. This time, we’ve added a smith machine and leg press to our list torchure equipment. Though our list of recommended equipment is NOT complete, we will get there soon!

We’ve upheld our end of the bargain so far, now we look forward to upholding our end of the bargain in 2010 when we reveal our 1st health club facility!

That’s right…. we will be mainstreaming our training studio facility into a health club, meeting the needs of the entire fitness community….this will be NO YMCA! GET READY!

***To see photos of the new and improved studio, please click the “Renegade Studio” link on the left hand side.