Huh???!!!!! This may be offensive!

Growing Obesity Trends:

According to Rochesters May Clinic, more than half of Americans are considered obese. Many of these obese individuals have genetic disorders that challenge their weightloss. These individuals painfully deal with the mental, physical and financial associations of their disease, causing irreversable problems (often death).

Let this sink in…..

And then there is Donna Simpson


A New Jersey women currently weighing 602lbs, with a goal weight of 1000lbs.

Donna Simpson currently spends an average of $750 per week just to consume 12,000 calories daily. Her goal? To become the Guiness Book of Worlds Records “Fattest Women”….WOW!

Lets put this into perspective. To consume 12,000 daily calories, one would have to consume 22.25 BIG MACS!


Are you joking? How is this possible!!!

Web research says she is part of a website where men and women can pay, to watch her eat food and financially support her DEATH WARRANT!

After hearing and reading about this (you can find this on, so many things come to mind:

  1. Health Care Costs – why do our premiums increase?
  2. SHE HAS 2 CHILDREN!!! – who will take care of them when she is gone?
  3. What type of person would join this perverted website to pay and watch her eat herself to death?
  4. Is she starving for attention?
  5. Selfishness?
  6. Suicidal – unlawful (will leave this for you to decide)?
  7. How much would toilet paper cost?
  8. Seriously, we could go on endlessly!

In all my years in the fitness, health, wellness and sports industry, I have NEVER seen anything with this perversion….EVER!

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