Phase III. Complete

The installation of the mirrors, cabinetry and lockers brings an end to phase III. of the RPTF build out. Of course, like everything new we have a few odds and ends to finalize. Such as the installation of a 32 inch flat screen HD T.V..

On to phase IV. What’s this? To train and improve the quality of life of all willing enlisties! To help us do so, RPTF is proud to announce that Chris Giesking will be offering his services and joining the team.

After serving his country in Iraq for 2 years, Chris is back in action bringing us a 5+ year experience at the Eagan Life Time Fitness where he helped inpact hundreds of lives, changing fitness levels for a lifetime. Known as a innovater of small group training and boot camps, Chris also brings a to us a special knowledge in the area of injury rehabilitation and core function.

To schedule a meeting with Chris, please call 651-402-8847 or contact us on the web at

New studio photos:


Custom lockers designed for the convienence of foot locker storage, jackets, bags and towels


Towel bin and refrigeration cabinet