SPE Month II. Fitness Testing

Renegade Personal Training and Fitness welcomed it’s first Youths Sporst Performance Enhancement group in 2007. These four athletes only have 2 months of training under their belts and have already seen drastic improvement in strength gain, power and agility.

Below are just some of there improvement records from their first month to second.


T-Bone: Bench Press: 105lbs to 125lbs

Verticle Jump: 19 inches to 21.5 inches

Davies Skill Test: 27 touches to 31 touches

Hoss: Bench Press: 95lbs to 115lbs

Verticle Jump: 19 inches to 20 inches

Davies Skill Test: 31 touches to 33 touches

Big Cat: Bench Press: 205lbs to 235lbs
Verticle Jump: 13.5 inches to 14.5 inches

Davies Skill Test: 26 touches to 34 touches

Rabbit: Bench Press: 115lbs to 145lbs
Verticle Jump: 23 inches to 24.5 inches

Davies Skill Test: 34 touches to 36 touches

These are just a few of the assessments the athletes participate in. I look forward to posting more accomplishments next month.

Happy New Year!