Blogging Postponed until Oct. 7th

To all the Renegade blog readers,

You will have to live without our fat loss tips and updates until Wed, October 7th. We will be on our annual grouse hunting trip, expressing our firearm rights for a short while.

For those that don’t know what a grouse looks like, here it is:


We will be in Ely, Minnesota for the remainder of the week/weekend enjoying the north woods. With a little bit of luck, we will be reaching our game limit all three days.

To hunt this delicious game bird, we will be traveling about 10 miles on foot each day, thru beaver ponds and wolf territory. So don’t worry about us not getting any exercise. These birds are extremely fast on the fly and keep us on the silent move through extremely rough terrain.

Last year was a huge success! Grouse populations is at an all time high every 10 years, and this is the 10th year peak! Hopefully, we will not go hungry.

Until next time…..