Recently I witnessed something that I couldn’t comment on at the time, but had to rant and rave about to somebody. At the studio I work at I saw an individual (no names mentioned), warming up for their workout on an elyptical, drinking a diet coke.

A couple things came to mind: When did this person ever hear that drinking caffeine before an intense workout is a good thing to do, and why hasn’t this person ever been told not to drink caffeine before a workout!

In today’s society soda and energy drink companies have created a billion-dollar industry by advertising good looking men and women working out while consuming caffeinated beverages. This gives us, the consumers the assumption that this is good for us, only enhancing one’s performance.

This is not the case. It’s true that caffeine and the mass amounts of sugar dumped into these products does increase an individuals energy level. However, it’s a fact that caffeine is a diuretic, which increases urine production and causes dehydration.

Does anybody remember the death of Minnesota Vikings offensive lineman Corey Stringer? I don’t think I need to say anything more.

O.K. I will…..hydrate your body with water and/or gatorade before a sporting event or working out. If it’s energy you need before a workout then consume something natural!