Evolution of Learning, Students and Guarantee’s

I’ve trained many clients over the past 6 years. Most have been successful, some I’ve failed to connect with, but few have accomplished as much as who I’m going to speak about (Jane Doe).

Jane Doe has a typical fitness background. She played sports as a teenager and continued to improve her fitness levels after marriage and children.

When I met “Jane” on her 34th birthday, I was the trainer assigned to her fitness assesssment, at a much larger health club than many of you currently workout at.

Jane was eager to discover her fitness levels and discuss goals with me. After evaluating her fitness levels (which were found to be much better than average), I brought her out to the fitness floor for a 15 minute circuit workout, where I blasted her with everything I had…..for only 15 minutes.

Jane was surprised that somebody could kick her butt in only 15 minutes.

Almost 4 years later, I still train Jane Doe. Though we’ve accomplished so much together and she is at the height of her fitness levels, there is always so much more an individual can accomplish.

Jane is an individual striving and thirsty for knowledge. Recently, Jane made the deciscion to get her personal trainer certification.

Though Jane does not necessarily intend on training clients, she does intend to use her newly gained knowledge for her own benefit. She’s now understanding why trainers do what we do. She’s learning to become self sufficient. She knows that there is purpose behind every single workout.

Not to be redundant, she’s learning to achieve goals by herself.

My point is this. It does not matter how intelligent we are, how much we’ve already achieved, how many people we’ve impacted and helped. What matters is that we are all students in many chapters of life.

I can’t guarantee somebody results. I can’t guarantee that I am always going to know the answer. I can’t even guarantee that I will always succeed in my own life.

But what I can guarantee is that I will always try my hardest to learn. Though it may take time, I will find answers. I will not give up on anybody. I can guarantee that I am always a student first and teacher second.