Fat Loss Myth #10: Fresh Is Better Than Frozen

With organic foods being grown on the rise, we need to take a look at the facts!

As part of the current health food trend, it can be easy to assume that fresh foods are naturally better for you than frozen foods.

We forget that fresh foods (including organic), have to be transported hundreds of miles, only to be placed in an ice palace at your grocery store. This leads to many problems!!! During this process, fresh foods lose many of their nutrients, leading to wasted calories and nutritional value.

So what do you purchase then?

Frozen fruit and vegetables are often flash frozen to maintain their nutritional value. In most cases, flash froze foods, when unthawed, are found in their original form, with original nutritional value. As a bonus, frozen food is typically less expensive than “fresh” food!

There it is!

Until next time, stay frozen!