Fat Loss Myth #9: Reduced Fat means Low Fat


We’ve all seen the labels before: reduced fat, low fat, reduced sugar, low sugar….you get the idea. But just because you spot a label with one of these slogans, please do not assume that this is a healthy alternative to the regular product or different choice.

The FDA says that a label containing the words ‘reduced’ fat, it must contain 25% less of the nutrient than the regular product. The question then is, what is so-called “healthier” product reduced from? If you take the time to answer this question every time you think your making a healthy choice, the truth will be shocking at how much actual fat a product contains.

Our advice is as follows:

  1. Your body knows what to do with fat intake. Try and minimize your serving amounts and just get the regular.
  2. If you are hell-bent on fancy labels, go with ‘sugar-free’. Sugar will also store as fat in the body if not used as energy. Better to get the real thing(fat) than letting your body process the sugar and turn it into fat.

Until next time……