Fat Loss Myths Revealed #1: Spot Fat Reduction and Industry Scam

This morning I was training my client Big Chuck T. Chuck has been with me for 5 years, has gained lean muscle tissue, lost body fat, lost inches and gained primal strength (the best strength you can gain)!

We had our T.V. on Fox news for the usual distractions, background noises and conversation starter. He noticed an infomercial playing called the “Neckline Slimmer”.

WTF!!! As a doctor and surgeon, Chuck couldn’t help but laugh to himself. As a trainer, this sent me into a rage, where I preached to the choir. Our clients understand that how to lose fat, gain lean muscle, etc. Our clients also understand that buying products from TV DO NOT GET RESULTS.

In our opinion, these marketing geniuses are thieves. They guarantee results by showing you a model that has never used their product to get the claimed results. In this infomercials case, you can not spot fat reduce.

Just check out this infomercial for yourself and have a good laugh!


Now ask yourself:

Does this look comfortable?
Have I tried infomercial products in the past that claimed to give you results?

Over the past 20 years, we have seen many of these infomercials claiming to give results. Ask yourself, why do more and more infomercials keep claiming they have discovered the new weight-loss formula or special piece of equipment that blast your thighs, eliminates beer guts, etc. If a single product or program actually worked don’t you think it would still be around?

So when did the infomercials start failing? Well…It all started with Suzanne Somers and my favorite, squirrel butt:

and lets not forget about squirrel butt:

If you’re still not convinced that these marketing geniouses aren’t lying to you, do yourself a favor and contact us now! The rewards of hard work do not come easy! With weight loss, the saying “blood, sweat and tears” does apply! Do yourself a favor and save the $19.99 and call us for a complimentary consultation!

Stay tuned for more Fat Loss Myths Revealed!