Fat Loss Myths Revealed #3: Cardio on an Empty Stomach

Fat Loss Myth #3 of 5!

Don’t be fooled by anybody, especially body builders telling you to do cardio first thing in the morning. Especially don’t be fooled by anybody telling you to do cardio on an empty stomach.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve overheard a body builder or somebody else telling a random person this! That’s right, we are calling you out!!!

The idea of working out or doing cardio on an empty stomach stems from the thought that if a person has no food in their system then the body is forced to burn fat….WRONG!

Lets compare your body to that of a cars fuel system. What happens if there is zero gas in the car? It may coast for a short while but eventually you will get nowhere.

Your body works the same way, only you will coast in an agonizing defeat. The body will work more efficiently when blood glucose levels are normal. Plus, one needs to have glucose available in order for fat oxidation to take place.

So next time you overhear a body builder or anybody else giving you false advice, ask them how many calories they eat per day(usually 5,000-7,000cal), and remember this blog spot!

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