Fat Loss Myths Revealed #4: Group Fitness Classes

This entry goes out to all the ladies, and a very few unfortunate men!

So Ladies and you few men out there, I want all of you to stop wasting your time! Thats right, any of you who are stuck in your typical step and aerobic classes at your health clubs…you are ALL WASTING YOUR TIME!

In order to burn fat, we need to build muscle. Step aerobics and group fitness classes do not do this! Don’t believe me? Check this out:


Now, do they look like they are having fun? I suppose they do. But…do they look like they are building muscle and abolishing fat? No they don’t!

So how do I burn fat? Great question. We need to encompass the big picture and that includes weight training.

I know what you’re thinking ladies, “Lifting weights will give me a big butt”! Right? Once again this is WRONG!

In order to accomplish the desired goal of burning fat, one must be completing compound weight bearing exercises (full body and/or multi-joint movements), under medium to medium-heavy tension performed in intervals or circuits.

Performing compound movements under tension will result in stimulating many muscles at once, burning more calories and building more muscle, creating leaner and longer muscle tissue!

So, Fat Loss Myth to day says step aerobics is out and Weight lifting will not give you a big butt!