I am Back!!!!!

Renegade Fans,

For the past four months, my wife and I have been renovating and remodeling our first house together that we recently purchased. Below is pictured our “somewhat” before pictures (just a few).

Throughout this 4 month process, I have learned (re-learned) many things:

  1. I am never doing this again!!!!!
  2. 30 lb. of disgusting body fat comes on quick! (I should know better)
  3. You metabolize a lot more efficiently at 25 than you do 30.
  4. Pizza and take out Chinese food tastes better than it should.
  5. Before attempting to renovate anything bring a grill.
  6. Coping is a method/skill of cutting trim/base boards, not a way to deal with stress.
  7. Do not break an oven window with a hammer! It’s expensive to replace!!!
  8. Measure twice, cut once!
  9. I am never doing this again!!!!!

Before Pictures:


(renovated kitchen, granite counter tops, re-finished cabinets, hard wood floor)


(New office with french doors, new carpet, the mad scientist workshop!)


(Stair case from entry-new carpet, tile, and POP BOTTLE GLASS-RETRO!)


(Basement hallway – new carpet, tile, new bathroom, fire place….THE MAN CAVE!)





And now on to training info:

While this renovation took place, I received dozens of weekly emails from RPTF fans asking….going on? Did you shut down? Are you being lazy? Why are there not any fat loss blogs or WOW(workouts of the week) postings?

My response was, something has got to give. Unfortunately, that meant blogging.

What I really needed was balance. I needed balance in life, nutrition, work, exercise and with my social life….I had none of these!

After four months of learning what hard labor is all about, I’m excited to bring balance back into my life and especially back to work. So here is just a few of the things we have going on at Renegade throughout the end of the year!

1) Fall/Holiday Seminar Series
*October 20th, Sports Nutrition Seminar
*November 17th, Kettle Bell Intro Class
*December 1rst, Myth Busting Fat Loss Seminar
*Date TBD, FireFighter KB Boot Camp Saturdays
*Date, TBD, Police KB Boot Camp Saturdays
*January 5th,2011 New Years Melt Down Weight Loss Seminar

*****All dates are tentatively planned. Check newsletter for updates!

Until Next Time……….