Metabolic Testing Now Available!!!

We are proud to announce that Renegade is now launching its Metabolic Testing program effective immediately. This program is brought to you in conjunction with New Leaf Systems.

Many of you have participated with metabolic testing through us in the past at Life Time Fitness. But for those of you who are not familiar with metabolic testing or why it will help you burn that stubborn body fat, please read on.

New Leaf metabolic testing helps an individual discover what their actual metabolism levels are. Knowing how your metabolism works is essential to creating a plan to live healthy, look better, and perform to your full potential. Our New Leaf metabolic assessment and training program is based on decades of medical research and proven scientific know-how. No matter what your individual goal is, you can boost your metabolism.

What’s a metabolic profile? Think of it as your metabolic fingerprint: It’s unique to you, and it holds all the info needed to create a highly successful, personal exercise training plan. Your metabolic profile helps your trainer determine how long you should exercise and how intensely. Your profile also provides insight into the nutritional choices that will improve your health, increase your overall fitness, and ultimately enhance your athletic performance.

To get started contact us today!