New Renegade Equipment

I said in my most recent posting that there are many exciting changes and events happening. Today marks the day of Renegades first equipment arrival! One of those events is the purchasing of a brand new Treadmill and Abdominal Leg Raise machine from Life Fitness.

Web Treadmill


The 93T Classic Treadmill by Life Fitness. This newly purchased TM can be found at almost any large health club, such as Life Time Fitness. This TM has multiple workout settings such as hill climbs, speed intervals, fat burn, intervals and also comes equiped with a sub-maximal VO2 Max test.

VO2 Max testing allows you to see the amount of oxygen your body can utilitze in 1 minutes time.

leg raise web


The versatile Life Fitness Leg Raise station can be utilized for a variety of abdominal exercises, chest/tricep dips and whatever other torture exercises I can think of. This newly innovative equipment selection is an excellent tool for those of you who may suffer from low-back pain, helping to eliminate the pain.

In the next several months, I will have many new pieces of equipment to post, that will be stored in my warehouse (my almost finished basement), prior to the grand opening of Renegade Personal Training and Fitness!