Props goes out to the accomplished!

After a frustrating month of let downs from Renegades web hosting company, we are finally back online again and back in blogging mode. We apologize for any delays in our systems and for the lack of blog posts over the past month or so.

We are pleased to announce that Renegades very own client, Kathy Jambor has qualified for the Boston Marathon! Check out her article by the “This Week Eagan” paper at

Kathy’s hard work, dedication and never ending pursuit of excellence paid off for her 2 weeks ago at Grandma’s Marathon. Her relentless training and dedication helped her achieve a personal best time of 3 hours and 46 minutes! Kathy finished 22nd in her age bracket, 192nd among all women and 1,172nd overall!

Only Kathy’s 3rd marathon and already she’s accomplished so much. Kathy struggled to overcome ongoing knee, hip, low back and neck pain for the past 3+ years, agonizing her first two marathons. After a short 2 months of training at the Renegade Torture Chamber, Kathy ran her first marathon absolutely pain free!

Kathy is continuing on her relentless journey and is now training for the Twin Cities marathon in October, Boston next year and an even greater feat….an ultra Marathon!

Ultra marathons are an exhuasting 100 miles long. Our hats go off to these mas·och·ist (gratification gained from pain) athletes. Walk or run, they have only 30 hours to complete the race. This race can only be defined by the Renegade modo…Get it done by any means necessary!