Renegade Welcomes New Veteran Trainer to it’s Growing Team!

We are always looking to welcome veteran trainers to our growing team. With our expansion underway, and our new space open date of Friday, October 10th, we’d like to welcome veteran trainer Mike Niemczyk to our team of trainers.

I’ve personally worked with Mike at the Eagan Life Time Fitness for four years. Let me just say, he’s the real deal! Mikes has survived 14 years in the cut-throat training business for many reasons. But the most important factor I’ve witnessed in his success is his ability to help his clients achieve “REAL” results.

Real results are hard to achieve because they last a lifetime. They are not achieved overnight, but rather through lifestyle changes. Thats what Mike does…helps achieve lifestyle changes.

On a separate note, I encourage you to come check out our personal training studio October 10th. We are renovating an additional 1500 square feet, brining in additional torchure equipment, and new programs all geared to do one thing: Kick your butt and achieve real life results!