Save the Date! Upcoming Seminar Reminders

Hello all,

First off, we promise we’ll be adding regular blog posts and newsletters as of today! Most of us at Renegade participate in the fall/early winter traditions. This includes grouse, duck, pheasant and deer hunting. This should explain our absence from everything.

This years hunting season brought much success and filled freezers(apologies to those who don’t like hunting!)! With deer meat, duck and grouse in my freezer, I should have a very hearty winter. Not only does this taste great, but it will help reduce my families growing grocery bill! To me, there is nothing better than substituting chicken for anything mentioned above, ie. grouse fettichine alfredo! YUM!

Ok, down to business. Before we start back on our never ending list of topics to discuss, I need to send out a reminder of our fall/winter seminar series this year. Here are the dates/times of everything remaining:

November 30th, Myth Busting Fat Loss Seminar, 7-8pm

Saturday December 11th, Boot Camp, 9 AM 10$ (Proceeds to Toys for Tots)

January 4th, 2011 New Years Melt Down Weight
Loss Seminar, 7-8pm

We have a lot of great info and answers to any questions you may have! If you or anybody you know are interested please email us or call to register!

Happy Holidays,