Spring Break Do’s and Don’ts


With Spring Break just around the corner, many of you have probably been putting in overtime at the gym to ensure your body looks better in that new swimsuit than it did last year.

But many of you can undue months of hard work and dieting in a single week. That’s why we’ve put together this simple “Spring Break Doctorine” for you to follow:

1)Ditch The Umbrella!


This may be the one time a year we enjoy fruity tropical drinks, such as a Mai Tai or Pina Colada. But did you know that these fruity tropical drinks often have 10 times the amount of sugar than your typical lite beer? Ditch the umbrella and have a lite beer. This is not to say that you are only permitted to lite beer, but please consume these high calorie drinks in moderation.





2)Avoid Drowning!


Many of you will attempt eating fewer calories by consuming more salads at meal times. This can be helpful until you add your favorite cheeses and dressings. To avoid drowning, try to limit your dressings and salty salad toppers to 2 tablespoons.



3)Avoid Double Fisting!

double fisting

This may not be what you think. Most of us enjoy the sun while double fisting. With a drink in one hand and a good book in the other, and are backsides plastered to a beach chair, are ambition falls to relaxation and our caloric expenditure drastically decreases. This year, make an effort to enjoy the beuty of the ocean and sun in a healthy way. Go for a run, a walk, hiking, snorkeling, surfing, beach volley ball or any other activity that does not involve a drink and a book. Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time to relax. After all, a good run on the beach can be exhausting! You’ll need that good book and lite beer after a beach run.


push ups

When the sunlight starts to creep through the shades of your luxary 5 star bedroom, get off your feet and spend 5 minutes doing Push Ups, Sit Ups and Squats! Time yourself for 60 seconds for each of these simple-to-do exercises and do as many as you can do for 3 rounds. Your significant other may think your crazy, but you’ll start your day off with a workout, higher metabolism and a calorie deficit. Like brushing your teeth and taking a shower, make this part of your normal routine.

5)Gone Fishing!


This does not mean go grab a pole, tackle and boat….most resorts/hotels in Mexico, the Carribean, etc have amazing fresh fish served at almost any time of the day. Most fish is not only high in Omega 3 fatty acids, but it is extremely high in protein. High protein foods are usually lower in calories and is a great substitute to a high carb/high calorie meal.



6)Stay Hydrated!


Do not neglect water, especially if you’re in the hot sun! Take advantage of the time between the pool and getting ready for dinner to drink H2O.







7)Avoid The Munchies!


Let’s say you drink 4 drinks during the day, and 4 at night. Odds are you’ve consumed close to 1000 calories from drinking alone. You somewhat justify the fact that you “didn’t eat anything all day” since you’ve skipped breakfast and lunch. You enjoy a big restaurant dinner. You have a great night out and are hungry when you leave the bar. Late night meal before bed, and repeat.. for a week.

Are you gaining weight?…..most likely, the answer is yes!

With the doctorine in mind, we hope you stay fit and skinny over your vacation! Enjoy!