Thanksgiving Dietary Tips From Renegade

Happy Thanksgiving! This year has given the Renegade staff so many reasons to be thankful, from the opening of our first location, to the expansion of our facility, to our welcoming of new Renegade experienced trainers to our wonderful growing client list. We are excited for 2009 with many more welcoming changes to our fastly growing company….but we will discuss this new years eve!

Below is a quick list of dietary tips to help you over the holidays.

Eat early in the afternoon. Fill up on good calories and smaller portions of heavier foods.

Consume more white turkey. One serving of white turkey has only 175 calories, while dark turkey has 250 calories per serving.

3Eat something healthy before going to holiday parties. This will help ease your cravings and hunger before dipping into the cheese and crackers.

4. To ensure healthier options, bring your own variety of vegies and dip to share.

5. Go for the bubbly = 85 calories for a glass of champagne!

6. Stick with pumpkin pie. PP has only 260 calories per slice vs. pecon pie has about 700 cal. per slice. Skip the crust and you’ll save about 100-200 cal.

With that in mind, have a safe and healthy Thanksgiving!